Updated to: 16 February 2015

In general, the principle of taking into account the environment in public policy is enshrined in the constitution of Cameroon of 1996 marking the country's commitment at the highest level to sustainable development. Indeed, the constitution proclaims in its preamble, the right of all citizens to a healthy environment. As per this constitution, the protection of the environment is a duty of all and the State should ensure its defense and promotion. Taking into account the environment in development activities results in a relatively complex legal and institutional framework. Namely : (1) adherence to international conventions (2) the enactment of the framework Law No. 96/12 of 1996 on environmental management (3) the enactment of a number of sectoral laws requiring to take into account the environment (4) the signature of several normative texts including the decree laying down the procedures for implementation of the environmental and social impact of February 2013.