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Nr Project title
072-i Advice: methane extraction and monitoring in Lake Kivu
338-i Memorandum: monitoring action plan Lake Kivu - Rwanda
365-i Report: conference on safe gas extraction from Lake Kivu - Rwanda & DR Congo
095-i Advice on scoping: IWRM support programme - Rwanda
397-i Review of ESIA for sugar production - Rwanda
390-i Quick Scan (Review) of the Rwanda National Water Resources Master Plan
7015-04 SEA Regulatory Framework - Rwanda

Capacity development

Nr Project title
7025-03 Central Africa Programme with SEEAC and COMIFAC
7025-01 Central Africa Capacity Development (PAANEEAC)
7015-01 SEA Coaching IWRM Rwanda
7015-02 EA Associations APEIER and RAPEP - Rwanda
7015-03 EIA Strengthening - RDB Rwanda
7025-02 SEEAC
7015-05 Review SEA Coaching IWRM - Rwanda