Keysheets & cases


Strategic Environmental Assessment - an introduction

What is SEA? - A tool to structure debate in the preparation of policies, plans and programmes; feed this debate through a robust assessment of the environmental and social consequences; ensure that the results are taken into account during decision making and implementation. 

Country specific SEA introduction programmes

SEA can only be effective if it is country specific. In this keysheet, we set out 8 questions that need to be addressed when designing a tailor-made SEA system. 

Independent advice on ESIA for complex projects

Why would you need independent advice? What is the added value and will it help you to make the initiatives in your country more sustainable? 

Two key sheets: ESIA and SEA for the extractives

With the continuing expansion of the extractive industries and their effect on the environment, the need for sound environmental assessment is more pressing than ever. We provide more information on issues in the oil and gas sector and in the mining sector.

ESY-MAP: a tool to analyse country ESIA Systems

ESY-MAP is a tool for assessing the quality of a national ESIA system. Practitioners involved in ESIA analyse ESIA requirements and performance with a standard set of questions. 

The NCEA: our role in the Netherlands

The role of NCEA in the Netherlands is unique in the world. Established by law, mandatory to ask for review advice for complex projects. See also the infographic. 

The NCEA: our international work

Internationally, we support environment and sectoral ministries,  professionals and non-governmental organisations in mainly developing countries to improve their practice. Through advice, coaching, capacity development and knowledge sharing. 

Gender in environmental assessment

This key sheet shows how environmental assessment can promote gender equality and how it can benefit from integrating gender considerations. 

ESIA helpdesk for the private sector

Practically every country in the world has ESIA legislation, but the requirements differ. It can be difficult to find your way around the regulations and institutions involved. We provides advice on ESIA in many countries, and can help you on your way. 

NCEA's System Approach for ESIA / SEA effectiveness

If we want to understand SEA /ESIA effectiveness, we need to take into consideration the whole SEA/ESIA system in the country. This means that we also include the regulatory framework, awareness and commitment, education, and compliance and enforcement. 

Capacity Development

The systems approach is the basis for our capacity development programmes. How this is implemented, including specific activities and tools, can be found in the