333-i. Memorandum: SEA approach for Free Trade Agreements

The NCEA issued a memorandum in which it outlines an SEA approach for Free Trade Agreements.

Informations importantes

The NCEA was requested to propose a generic approach to SEA for the establishment of Free Trade Agreements (FTA). It issued an advice of the secretariat in which it outlines an approach for integrating environmental, economic and social considerations into the FTA policy and negotiation process. In this memorandum, it outlines objectives of an FTA and of SEA, as well as key components and details of an appropriate SEA approach for FTA.

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Secrétaire technique: ms I.A. Steinhauer

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Terminé: 15 jun 2007


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
Trade/financial policies
Economical aspects
Social Impact Assessment
Monitoring and evaluation
Institutional development
Environmental policy

Mise à jour: 09 apr 2019