018-i. Advice: analysing water management projects

The NCEA advised on a framework for analysis of water management projects in developing countries. This framework was used in a policy memorandum on the topic.

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The Dutch Ministry for Development Cooperation initiated the development of a policy memorandum Water Management and Development Cooperation. The aim of this memorandum was to set out recent understanding on the role and problems of, and approach towards freshwater management in development processes. This should provide a common framework for water-related activities under Dutch development policy.

The NCEA's advice was requested to prepare a framework for analysis. This framework should be applicable as a practical manual for implementing water management (planning) studies. In its advisory framework, the NCEA elaborated on:

  • The water management system and three subsystems (natural, socio-economic and administrative-institutional);
  • Planning – the development, analyses and evaluation of water management strategies.

The NCEA's framework for analysis was included in the Water Management and Development Cooperation policy memorandum.

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mr A.L.J. van den Dries
ms B. van Koppen
mr F. Rijsberman
mr R. Slootweg

Le président du groupe de travail: mr D. de Zeeuw

Secrétaire technique: mr A.J. Kolhoff

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Commencé: 12 feb 1996
Terminé: 01 mei 1996


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