337-i. Comments: ToR for ESIA of water sector support program

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Comments ToR for ESIA for Water sector support program (WSSP) in Yemen by the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment - Yemen

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The NCEA was asked to comment on Terms of Reference (ToR) for an ESIA for the Water Sector Support Program (WSSP) in Yemen. An advice of the secretariat was issued on the subject. In this advice, the NCEA discussed a number of topics and asked some clarification questions that would improve assessment of the ToR. Topics discussed in the advice include:

  • (Recommended) ambition levels for ESIA and social assessment;
  • Scope of study;
  • Institutional capacities including recommendations;
  • Recommendations on integration of ESIA and social assessment;
  • The Resettlement Policy Framework;
  • SEA as a tool to integrate ESIA and social assessment.

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Secrétaire technique: mr A.J. Kolhoff

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Country: Yemen

Mise à jour: 10 juil. 2018