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Webpages | 09 Oct 2018


Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a varietyof approaches that aim to integrate environmental considerations into policies, plans and…

Webpages | 15 May 2014

Dutch Sustainability Unit

News Support updating strategic plans Dutch embassies July 2013. Dutch embassies in the 15 countries where Dutch development cooperation takes…

Webpages | 12 Dec 2013

DSU reports

 DSU reports online available: Advice on integrating Gender, Climate Change (incl. Disaster Risk Reduction) and Environment into the…

Webpages | 08 Sep 2014

Risk profiles

  Combined CC and DRR profiles DRR profiles CC Risk profiles Partner countries WB -…

Webpages | 19 Nov 2013


  Processus d’EES L’Évaluation Environnementale Stratégique (EES) est un ensemble d’approches qui visent…

Webpages | 02 Feb 2016

Visit to Mozambique: new MoU and continuing activities in Zambezi Valley

The NCEA visited Maputo (26-28 January) to discuss activities under a possible new Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Land,…

Webpages | 15 Dec 2014

NCEA contributions to SEA training for energy sector

The NCEA contributed to an SEA training in Gothenburg on December 5th. This training was the start of a 1,5 year programme for 30…

Webpages | 16 Dec 2014

Les contributions de la CNEE aux formations d'EES pour le secteur de l'énergie

La CNEE a contribué à une formation d'EES à Göteborg. Cette formation représentait le commencement d'un programme de…

Webpages | 14 Dec 2016

SEA course in Stockholm

During an SEA course in Stockholm, the NCEA gave a presentation on its international activities and presented an SEA case. The case provided…

Webpages | 07 Dec 2015

NCEA support for SEA process and new EIA decree in Mozambique

The NCEA visited Mozambique and attended two meetings. The first was the public participation meeting on the proposed new EIA decree, organized by…

Webpages | 09 Dec 2015

La CNEE soutient le processus d'EES et le nouveau décret d'EIE au Mozambique

La CNEE s'est rendue au Mozambique pour y participer à deux réunions. La première était une réunion de…

Webpages | 03 Feb 2016

Mozambique : nouveau protocole d'accord et poursuite des activités dans la vallée du Zambèze

La CNEE s'est rendue à Maputo du 26 au 28 janvier pour discuter des activités sous un éventuel nouveau protocole d'accord avec…

Webpages | 20 Mar 2017

Améliorer l'évaluation environnementale au Mozambique

L'évaluation environnementale au Mozambique s'améliore de plus en plus. Plusieurs activités de la CNEE, dans le cadre du…

Webpages | 15 Mar 2017

Improving environmental assessment in Mozambique

Environmental assessment in Mozambique is improving. Several NCEA activities, as part of an MoU with the Environmental Ministry (MITADER), are…

Webpages | 15 Mar 2017

Cours d'EES à Stockholm

Lors d'un cours d'EES à Stockholm, la CNEE a donné une présentation sur ses activités internationales et a…

Webpages | 06 Sep 2017

Strategic environmental assessment workshop Mozambique

In a week-long workshop, staff of the Environmental Ministry in Mozambique (MITADER) learnt about the basics of SEA. They were trained in preparing…

Webpages | 19 Dec 2017

Atelier d'Évaluation Environnementale Stratégique au Mozambique

Au cours d'un atelier d'une semaine, le personnel du Ministère de l'Environnement du Mozambique (MITADER) a acquis les bases de l'EES. Ils ont…

Webpages | 20 Dec 2017

Developing the SEA system of Mozambique

Mozambique is developing its SEA system. With support from the NCEA, the environmental ministry (MITADER) drafted Terms of Reference for an SEA core…

Webpages | 14 Mar 2018

Élaboration du système d'EES du Mozambique

Le Mozambique élabore son système d'EES. Avec le soutien de la CNEE, le ministère de l'environnement (MITADER) a élaboré un projet de Termes de…

Webpages | 20 Jun 2018

National workshop on SEA, Mozambique

Tete, 24-27 april 2018. As a follow-up of the first national workshop on SEA in august 2017, the Ministry of Environment, Land and Rural…

Webpages | 20 Jun 2018

Atelier national sur l'EES, Mozambique

Atelier national sur l'EES, Mozambique

Webpages | 20 Nov 2018

The importance of reviewing ESIA/SEA reports. A 3-day workshop in Mozambique

Bilene, 5-7 November, 2018 - WWF Mozambique incidentally receives ESIA/SEA reports for reviewing. To be able to carry out these reviews,…

Webpages | 10 Dec 2018

L'importance des rapports d'examen d'EIES/EES. Un atelier de 3 jours au Mozambique

L'importance des rapports d'examen d'EIES/EES. Un atelier de 3 jours au Mozambique

Webpages | 18 Jan 2019

Prof. Klaas Jan Beek (1935-2019)

  It saddens us deeply to learn that our beloved and passionate former Chairman for Development Cooperation -  Prof. Klaas Jan Beek -…

Webpages | 31 Jan 2019

Shared Resources Joint Solutions programme

SRJS workshop - Madagascar 2017 Strategic partnership IUCN-NL and WWF-NL work together in a Dutch-funded Strategic Partnership called SRJS:…

Webpages | 07 Feb 2019

Prof. Klaas Jan Beek (1935-2019)

Prof. Klaas Jan Beek (1935-2019)

Webpages | 01 Apr 2019

National SEA seminars with SEA training alumni

In the past weeks, the NCEA staff joined SIDA/Niras in some of their closing seminars of the international Strategic Environmental Assessment…

Webpages | 02 Apr 2019

Séminaires sur les EES nationales et formation en EES pour les anciens participants

In the past weeks, the NCEA staff joined SIDA/Niras in some of their closing seminars of the international Strategic Environmental Assessment…