8009. Advice on ToR: SEA for INRA land reform - Bolivia

The NCEA and the Netherlands Embassy in Bolivia received a request from the National Institute of Agrarian Reform (INRA). Upon this request, the NCEA assisted INRA in 2012 in defining the scope and approach to undertake SEA. This resulted in an advice by the NCEA on a Terms of Reference (ToR) for the SEA.

Advisory reports and other documents

01 Oct 2012: Advisory review
B013 Advisory report
B018 Advisory report SPA

Significant details

Process and activities

INRA is a public decentralized technical institution, responsible for carrying out the agrarian/land reform process in Bolivia. It was also responsible for carrying out the Three Year Adjustment Plan for the New Plurinational State 2010-2012 - Environmental Agrarian Process, which was funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Bolivia. Compliance with the Embassy's Grant Agreement involved undertaking an SEA. INRA has requested technical assistance from the NCEA to be able to comply with this condition. The NCEA agreed to provide this assistance in the form of advice on a Terms of Reference for the SEA.

For this purpose, the NCEA composed a working group with two external experts, which visited the site in August 2012. Soon after this visit, a Final draft review advice and subsequently a Final review advice were issued (in October 2012).  

Because of the limited time available for the SEA, the NCEA has chosen the following approach in its advice:

  • The SEA will need to focus on those environmental, social and institutional constraints and opportunities that are relevant for the main future policies and tasks of INRA:  finalization of land titling, (re)distribution of lands and enforcement;
  • but also taking into account the possibilities to use and influence the wider legal and policy framework related to sustainable land use.

The SEA would therefore be able to give concrete recommendations for environmental mainstreaming within the INRA domain itself, while also giving recommendations for a more long term process to improve coordination and coherence. The latter could contribute to a favorable enabling environment to achieve more sustainable land use.



INRA indicated that the SEA to which the NCEA contributed via its advice was a valuable input for INRA's next triannial plan. The effects of SEA however reached further: INRA also mentioned that it started an institutional reflection, encouraged INRA to discuss environmental issues and impacts, and led to a more open planning process. A more tangible result is the fact that an environmental specialist was added to INRA's team.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Arend Jan van Bodegom, MSc
Hans Ronald Jan van Maanen

Technical secretary: Ineke Steinhauer

Further details

Country: Bolivia

Last modified: 29 Mar 2019