7353. Revitalisation and Restoration of Chalan Beel – Bangladesh - D2B21BD01

This project is aiming at developing improved integrated water management conditions for different functions in the Chalan Beel area, including the restoration and improvement of agriculture, environmental and ecological conditions, biodiversity and fisheries. In this way the livelihood of the local communities will be secured in a sustainable and climate resilient way. The “Revitalization and restoration of Chalan Beel” is mentioned as a measure in the Investment Plan of the Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP2100). 

Significant details

Chalan Beel is situated in the northwestern part of Bangladesh and is an extensive lowland area in the lower Atrai basin. It is one of the largest floodplains in the country. The project covers a vast area including 11 polders and several other Flood Control and Drainage (FCD) projects which were constructed 2-3 decades ago. These FDC projects had a positive impact on the agricultural development but caused adverse impacts on economic, social and environmental aspects like on fisheries, loss of floodplains, loss of wet lands and bio-diversity and closure of navigation routes. 

The Dutch government is supporting local authorities in the development of an integrated Masterplan for Chalan Beel to deal with these challenges. The Masterplan is accompanied by a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) to ensure - among others things - stakeholder participation and development of various alternatives. The NCEA will act as a coach in the SEA process.

The project is halted because the main funder Invest International has decided not to continue funding. The government of Bangladesh is searching for another funder.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Arend Kolhoff

Further details

Country: Bangladesh

Last modified: 19 Dec 2023