7352-01. Capacity development ESIA/SEA South Sudan

South Sudan is a relatively young country and its ESIA system is not legally established yet. In February 2023, the NCEA and the South Sudan's Ministry of Forestry (MoEF) signed an MoU to further explore the needs and feasibility to develop a multi-annual programme for the introduction of ESIA.

Significant details

One of the first activities under this MoU is a mapping exercise with the following objectives:

  • Clarify how the ESIA system currently functions in South Sudan. 
  • Identify how an ESIA process / procedure may look like in near future in South Sudan.
  • Determine priority interventions to start building and strengthening the ESIA system in South Sudan.
Expected outputs will be:
  • 2-day validation and consultation workshop with key stakeholders.
  • A report including:
    • An overview of how the current ESIA system functions (strengths and gaps):
    • Recommendations for an ESIA system suitable to the South Sudan context.
    • Recommendations for prioritising capacity development activities and stakeholders to target. 
These outputs will inform the MoEF on where and how to strengthen the ESIA system and will serve as input for the NCEA’s potential future programme in South Sudan.

The mapping of the ESIA system in South Sudan is currently carried out by a team consisting of one representative from the MoEF, one international expert, one local expert and two NCEA staff. 

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Thomas Bernward Fischer, PhD, Dipl-Geogr, FIEMA, FHEA,
John Leju Celestino Ladu

Technical secretary: Leyla Özay, MSc

Further details

Country: South Sudan

Last modified: 31 Jul 2023