7253. La Paz Water Project - Bolivia - DRIVE

The Netherlands is providing financial support to the rehabilitation and expantion of a drinkwater treatment facility in La Paz, Bolivia. The project was originally submitted to the ORIO facility, but eventually received financing from the DRIVE facility. Both facilities are administered by the RVO. An ESIA was undertaken for this project. The NCEA advised on this assessment to the RVO staff who evaluated the project.  

Advisory reports and other documents

17 Apr 2018: Other
Quick Scan of the La Paz Water Efficiency and Early Warning Project - Bolivia

Significant details

In the course of project development and evaluation the NCEA:

  • Provided advice to the RVO on the need for ESIA, according to the local regulatory requirements.
  • Reviewed the ESIA for the project component concerned with the expansion of the drinkwater treatment plant. This review was undertaken by way of a desk-study.
In the review the NCEA concluded that the ESIA was complete and sufficient. The NCEA emphasised the need to invest in capacity to ensure management of impacts. Recommendations were also given for handling of clorine and sludge during project implementation.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Caroline van der Sluys, MSc

Technical secretary: Leyla Özay, MSc

Further details

Country: Bolivia

Last modified: 19 Dec 2023