7251. Review 2D seismic Keta Delta block - Ghana

Late 2017, the Ghanaian Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received the EIA Scoping report for the 2D seismic survey project in the Keta Delta block of the Voltaian Basin. Although 2D seismic surveying is not usually considered a high impact activity, in comparison to exploration and exploitation, the EPA has requested NCEA input because of the vulnerability of the area, but also because it is their first review of a scoping report for an EIA for a (partly) onshore activity of this nature. At the stage of the request, EPA had almost concluded their review, and requested the NCEA to do an independent review. The EPA intends to incorporate NCEA findings into their own comments. Given the limited time availability, NCEA has opted to perform a quick scan desk review, against international good/best practice.  

Advisory reports and other documents

19 Jan 2018: Memorandum
Quick Scan Review EIA Scoping Report 2D Seismic Survey Ghana

Significant details

In 2014, SWAOCO (Swiss African Oil Company) was awarded the 3,000km2 Keta Delta Bloc and is carrying out both onshore/offshore seismic surveys in the basin. The Keta Delta Block is part of the oil and gas development in the Voltaian Basin (for which an SEA is currently being carried out). The Keta Delta Block is located in a vulnerable area: the Keta lagoon is the most important wetland on the coast of Ghana for water-birds and together with the Ada Songor Lagoon constitutes the fourth most important water-birds site on the coasts of the Gulf of Guinea. It is a designated Ramsar Site, part of the Volta River estuary with has a catchment area of 1,280km2.

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Members of the working group

Jacobus Petrus (Bopp) van Dessel

Technical secretary: Ineke Steinhauer

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Country: Ghana

Last modified: 08 Jul 2021