7227. Mali: food security under a changing climate

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) requested the NCEA under its sustainability advice programme to advise about the options to improve food security in Mali and simultaneously create employment, in a context of climate change.

Advisory reports and other documents

17 Nov 2017: Advisory review
French translation of Sustainability Advice on Mali food security under changing climate
Sustainability Advice on Mali food security under changing climate

Significant details

It was assumed that improving food security and employment were key to sustainable development in Mali. This advice was in particular useful for discussions in the Planetary Security Initative, in particular the Planetary Security Conference 2017, and for follow-up in Mali itself. The MFA was the main sponsor of the Planetary Security Inititative, with several conferences at high level aiming to influence the international policy agenda at the nexus of climate change and security (and migration).

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Premchand (Prem) Soebhaschander Bindraban, MBA
Robert Groot

Technical secretary: Sibout Govert Nooteboom

Further details

Country: Mali

Last modified: 19 Sep 2022