7222-02. EA and Mining Governance in Senegal

At the Ministry of Mines and Geology of Senegal, the Directorate of Control and Surveillance of Mining Operations (DCSOM) is responsible for control and environmental and social monitoring of mining projects. It aims to develop a strategy to this end. It also implements a project to rehabilitate abandoned quarries. In this context, DCSOM requested technical support from the NCEA regarding environmental and social assessments and follow-up. To this end, a multi-annual MoU was signed in April 2022. As part of this MoU, DCSOM asked for an independant advice on a rehabilitation plan for the abandoned sand quarry of Kamb Souf in the Diourbel region, that serves as a pilot project for the remaining abandoned quarries that will be rehabilitated.  

Advisory reports and other documents

-: Advisory review
7222-02 Avis de la CNEE sur le Programme de réhabilitation de l'ancienne carrière de sable de Kamb Souf

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Karima Broche Derradji, MSc
Philippe Jean, PhD
Adama WYA

Chair: Simone Filippini
Technical secretary: Gwen van Boven

Further details

Country: Senegal

Last modified: 07 Sep 2023