7216. Solwezi Water & Sanitation Works Project - Zambia - D2B16ZM05

The North Wester Water Supply and Sanitation Company Limited (NWWSSCL) intends to expand the existing water supply system in Solwezi town, the capital of the North Western Province of Zambia. With this expansion it is envisaged that the water supply coverage will increase from currently 34% to 100% coverage by 2031. This requires extraction from additional water sources. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) supports the development phase of this project. At RVO's request, the NCEA first reviewed and adviced on the quality of the scoping report and the Terms of Reference for the ESIA in December 2019, subsequently an advice was given on the ESIA report from September 2020.  

Advisory reports and other documents

20 Dec 2019: Advisory review
Final advice on the scoping_ToR for the Solwezi Water Supply Project
09 Dec 2020: Advisory review
Advice on the ESIA for the Solwezi Water Supply Project

Significant details

At the scoping stage for the ESIA, the NCEA noted the need to strenghten the data and analysis on alternative water sources, in order to come to a well-informed decision. It was also noted that the potential consequences of inadequate wastewater management and sanitation on community health had not been considered.

In terms of the ESIA report, the NCEA acknowlegded that many efforts have been undertaken and useful information has been collected and documented. However, the way the information is presented had been found as inadequate to inform decision making and to guide the proponent and future contractors. Relevant details about how the sustainable use of the selected water source will be guaranteed have not been provided. Also the potential consequences of increased wastewater discharge have not been assessed and no measures proposed to prevent, mitigate and monitor and manage health impacts. The NCEA recommended to: 
* improve the ESIA's readibility and coherence so it is better able to inform decision makers and stakeholders on the project; 
* develop a clear plan to ensure the sustainable use and management of the new water source;
* assess and deal with impacts associated with increased wastewater.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Brenda Brainch
Wybrand van Ellen, MSc
Louis Cornelis (Luuk) Rietveld

Chair: Tanya van Gool
Technical secretary: Leyla Özay, MSc

Further details

Country: Zambia

Last modified: 01 Feb 2022