7184. Climate lens to food security 2.0

The Inclusive Green Growth Department of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the NCEA's Dutch Sustainability Unit (DSU) to reflect on an innovative ‘climate lens’ to food security interventions.

Advisory reports and other documents

11 Oct 2016: Advisory review
Advice Geopolitical Lens to Climate Smart Food Security Interventions
08 Nov 2016: Other
PowerPoint Presentation about climate lens

Significant details

As a 'proof of concept', areas with high/low food system dynamics and high/low climate dynamics have been identified on a map of Mali and Burkina Faso. A procedure has been proposed to make this approach useful in the policy cycle of DGIS and the embassies. This procedure is innovative as it assists to define new food and nutrition security programmes at the front end of the programing process. An earlier version (climate lens 1.0) aimed at making existing programmes climate smart, and doesn't enable to explicitly include the geopolitical dimension of migration. There, the DSU issued an advice on making food and nutrition security programmes more climate smart and produced a one-page interactive matrix with an overview of options.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Marcel van Asseldonk
Wil Hennen, BSc
Ruerd Ruben
Louise van Schaik

Technical secretary: Sibout Nooteboom

Proponent and Component Authority

Component Authority
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Further details

Last modified: 19 Mar 2019