7182. Meta study of EIAs for port development under the LG MSD

At the request of the multi-stakeholder dialogue on Land Governance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the NCEA started a meta study to • determine a benchmark for good practice ESIAs for port development, in Africa and Asia and in Central and South America; • identify the key environmental and social problems/effects as mentioned in ESIAs on port development; • identify common weaknesses in these ESIAs and good practice examples for specific aspects; • formulate recommendations on ESIA good practice for port development, with special focus on land governance.   The inspiring examples (best practices) of ESIAs for port development will be stated explicitly. Any issues which, according to NCEA could be improved, will be described in a general way.      

Advisory reports and other documents

30 Mar 2016: Other
Meta Study of ESIAs for Port Development.pdf

Significant details

Recommendations are based on a desk review of eleven recent ESIAs on coastal ports for transhipment of containers or bulk materials. The Equator Principles, amended with  issues listed in the guidelines of IFC and OECD, were used as benchmark. The findings and recommendations of the NCEA bear upon the content of the assessment as well as on the quality of the decision-making and management process. They among others pertain to general ESIA requirements, such as the analysis of alternatives, the elaboration of a structured ESMP or the demonstration of compliance with guidelines, and to specific impacts, such as impacts of climate change or changes in land use. Examples of important issues in the context of land governance are the resettlement or livelihood restoration plan, which has to be developed with the involvement of affected people, and identification of indirect risks which, among others, are related to the influx of workers.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Annemieke Beekmans, MSc
Bram Bliek
Peter de Koning, MSc
Victor de Lange
Han Ligteringen
Marinus (Rinus) Vis, PhD

Technical secretary: Johan Lembrechts

Further details

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