7178. Conservation Strategy Africa

The proposal for an Africa Wildlife Conservation Strategy (AWCS) was to be launched in Brussels on 27 October 2015 and subsequently discussed by the EU. To define its position on the strategy, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the Dutch Sustainability Unit (DSU) to review the main report along general lines. A more comprehensive review may be undertaken in a second phase.

Significant details

The review findings of the DSU are to provide output for a judgement on the quality of the strategy as well as a more precise overview of specific questions that may not have been sufficiently answered in the reviewed documents. Moreover, the review will be used to provide inputs to the European Commission in order to improve strategy and to help decision making about Dutch commitment to the EU AWCS Trust Fund.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Floris Dirk Deodatus, PhD
Roel Slootweg

Technical secretary: Gwen van Boven

Further details

Country: Africa

Last modified: 06 Jun 2017