7139. MFA 2014 Results Reporting on Climate Smart Development: from input to output

The Dutch Sustainability Unit was requested by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to contribute to the reporting about the climate smart development results that MFA has achieved in 2014.

Significant details

The reporting was scheduled for 2015. The current activity aimed to develop a joint way of explaining the results of MFA climate change policies without creating a need to change contracts with the organisations that implement the programmes. The monitoring requirements are often part of these contracts. It should enable MFA to report to the Parliament with a clear and aspirational narrative and indicators with reference to progress in specific programmes.

The DSU facilitated discussions between responsible budget holders in DGIS and prepared an internal report. This report helped the climate change cluster of DGIS to instruct central programs and bilateral programs (run by the embassies in the Netherlands' partner countries) how to report about climate change in the results fiches. These results fiches were originally intended to report on primary development objectives (not climate change). After the fiches had been received, the climate cluster asked DSU to contribute to the preparation of reporting (infographic, narrative and a letter to Parliament).

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Peter de Koning, MSc

Technical secretary: Arend Kolhoff

Further details

Country: Netherlands (the)

Last modified: 02 Jan 2018