7136. Towards Climate Proof Food and Nutrition Security

Advice about the impact of climate change on the focus of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' food security policies.

Advisory reports and other documents

20 Jan 2016: Advisory review
Advice Climate Proof FNS
Matrix climate smart options for Dutch FNS programmes

Significant details

The NCEA's Dutch Sustainability Unit (DSU) received a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of the Netherlands to provide support in the assessment of the need to adapt MFA's policy on food security and its centrally managed portfolio of food and nutrition security (FNS) programmes to the consequences of climate change. The DSU was specifically requested to address the following question: "Is our policy and our centrally managed programme portfolio on food security and food production such that they anticipate in the right way on the consequences of climate change  and the role the Netherlands (including the BV Netherlands) can play as big player in the field of food production? In other words: Is the portfolio focussing on the right continents, regions, countries, target groups, food chains and production systems, and does it follow the right approach/strategy?"

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Thom Achterbosch
Maja Slingerland
Jan Verhagen, MSc

Further details

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