7095. Advice on Integrating Gender into the Multi-Annual Plan and Activities of the EKN Maputo

The Dutch Sustainability Unit (DSU) has been requested by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) Mozambique to: identify critical climate, environment and gender aspects in the MASP 2014-2017 as far as the spearheads ‘food security’ and ‘water’ are concerned; develop suggestions to enhance impact on these aspects within the existing portfolio; develop a proposal to monitor, report and communicate on output/outcome and impact on climate, environment and gender aspects based on the (adapted) ‘result fiches’.

Advisory reports and other documents

25 Oct 2013: Other
Su04-27-28 Advice on MASP Mozambique

Significant details

The underlying rationale for the request is the need of the Dutch embassy in Mozambique to submit a revised Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) by mid October 2013.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Saskia Ivens
Johanna Barbera (Joke) Oranje
Katia Kristina Pereira Taela, PhD

Technical secretary: Rob Verheem

Proponent and Component Authority

Component Authority
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Further details

Country: Mozambique

Last modified: 22 Feb 2016