7085. Advice on integrating environment, climate change and DDR into the Food Security Programme of the embassy - Burundi

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Burundi (EKN) has requested the Dutch Sustainability Unit (DSU) to review the embassy’s Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (MASP).

Advisory reports and other documents

28 Aug 2013: Other

Significant details

In particular:

  • review of the integration of environment and climate, within the theme of food security into the current MASP;
  • review of the current portfolio of projects within the theme of food security;
  • proposal of a set of indicators for the food security programme on environment, climate change and disaster risk reduction;
  • advice on how to measure progress against the proposed indicators, using information from existing sources.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Niek van Duivenbooden
Jan-Joost Kessler
Herma Majoor

Technical secretary: Ineke Steinhauer

Further details

Country: Burundi

Last modified: 03 Apr 2019