7022-06. Mining, Environmental and Social Assessment - Mali

Environmental and social impact assessment in Mali: focus on mining and improving the assessment system to address environmental and social issues related to mining. 

Significant details

In March 2023, the NCEA and IGF organised a workshop to assess the ESIA approach for Mali’s mining sector, using the Mining ESIA Tool (MET). The MET - developed by IGF and the NCEA in 2020 – assesses strengths and weaknesses of a countries' ESIA system in relation to the mining sector. Participants concluded that environmental and social impact assessments for mining need to pay more attention to social impacts, intersectoral and intergovernmental coordination, and public participation. Determined beforehand as a need for specific attention, the workshop was complemented with training on the ESIA process and mine closure, including issues such as the use of information from the ESIA process and public participation. 

The results of the MET and the more general ESY MAP, executed in 2020 with the Ministry of Environment, Sanitation and Sustainable Development (MEADD), form the basis for follow-up activities with both the ministries of Mining and Environment.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Karima Broche Derradji, MSc
Adama WYA

Technical secretary: Edy Blom

Further details

Country: Mali

Last modified: 01 Nov 2023