7015-04. SEA Regulatory Framework - Rwanda

In August 2018, Rwanda adopted its new Environment Law, which paved the way for a revision of Ministerial Orders on EIA and SEA. In the years thereafter, the Ministry of Environment asked for the NCEAs input on those legal texts on several occasions.

Advisory reports and other documents

04 Jun 2016: Memorandum
NCEA Observations on Draft SEA Instructions Rwanda 7015-04_6 June 2016
23 Aug 2016: Memorandum
20160823 NCEA Observations on Draft Environmental Law Rwanda
21 Feb 2017: Memorandum
20170221 Advice on EIA and SEA in Rwandas new Environment Law
04 Oct 2018: Memorandum
20181004 NCEA Observations on Draft EA Regulations
04 Jun 2020: Memorandum
20200604 Quick inventory of scope of application of SEA

Significant details

This involvement has a longer history. Since April 2016, at the request of the Rwanda Environment Authority (REMA), the NCEA has been providing inputs for the draft SEA regulation that the REMA was developing. Later in the year, Rwanda adopted a new Constitution. One of the consequences of the Constitution was the reduction of the number of Organic Laws, to be replaced by Laws. This included the Organic Law on the Environment. The revision process was coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MINIRENA), with involvement of REMA. The development of the SEA regulation was put on hold during the drafting of the new Environment Law.

In August 2016, REMA and MINIRENA asked the NCEA to provide observations on the elements in the draft Environment Law relating to environmental assessment.

In June 2018, the Ministry of Environment asked the NCEA to advise on the integration of SEA in the draft Environment and Climate Change policy.

In June 2020, the Ministry of Environment asked the NCEA questions on the scope of application of SEA, as input to the development of the SEA regulation.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Gwen van Boven

Further details

Country: Rwanda

Last modified: 16 Nov 2022