430-i. Review of ESIA Report on construction and modernisation of regional road R435, Nevesinje-Berkovici

An ESIA report has been prepared for the construction and modernisation of a part of a regional road in the southeast of Republika Srpska (RS), Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Government of the Republic of Srpska applied for ORIO funding. The project concerns the development, modernisation and reconstruction and subsequent operation and maintenance of the existing but poorly maintained regional road R-435 between Nevesinje and Berkovici. The R-435 was built at the end of the 19th century. Since then, there has hardly been any change of the alignment or any significant improvement of road elements, so the road is far below modern-day standards.

Advisory reports and other documents

29 May 2015: Memorandum
2015-03 Review EIA Road Bosnia

Significant details

ORIO requested that the NCEA review the ESIA report. The results of this Quick scan were published in an advisory report by the NCEA secretariat. The NCEA concluded that some mayor issues were not elaborated sufficiently including:

  • The upgrade and modernization of the road includes relocation of the course of the road for a stretch of 4,45 km. The NCEA recommended to (i) clarify the reasons for relocation as this was not explained in the ESIA; (ii) describe possible alternative courses for this section of the road; (iii) compare alternative courses along the most relevant criteria (environmental, social and problem-solving ability), or (iv) account for the course which has been chosen, by providing a more extensive explanation (and argumentation), regarding the criteria mentioned above.
  • Environmental and social impacts of the project are described in general, but not quantified and not made specific for the new section of the road. The NCEA recommended to (i) provide a clear description (including a map) of the section of the R-435 which will be relocated, and the surroundings of this section; (ii) specify the characteristics of this area, especially regarding flora and fauna, landscape, cultural heritage, archaeology and water quality; and (iii) use this specification to provide a more extensive description and evaluation of possible impacts on these characteristics.

In July 2015, the consultants submitted a second version of the ESIA. ORIO asked the NCEA to check whether NCEA recommendations were given adequate follow up. The NCEA concluded that the revised ESIA provided all crucial information for decision making.

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Technical secretary: Pieter Jongejans

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Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Last modified: 15 Mar 2016