379-i. Advice on scoping: SEA for urban planning

The NCEA drafted a guidance document for urban planning in Macedonia, making use of the City of Skopje General Urban Plan as an example.

Significant details

The Macedonian Environmental Ministry (MoEPP) decided to use the SEA for the City of Skopje General Urban Plan as a case for learning-by-doing. It was therefore made part of its cooperation with the Dutch SEA support project.

The NCEA drafted a memorandum aiming to provide an example on SEA scoping for urban planning, using this case as an example. The memorandum discusses main issues in urban planning, environmental problems and opportunities, alternatives and mitigation, etcetera. The resulting scoping document gives an outline for the SEA and can be used in other cases of urban planning.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Arend Kolhoff

Further details

Country: North Macedonia

Last modified: 14 Aug 2014