343-i. Comments: documents on SEA and biofuels - Colombia

The NCEA provided comments on various documents concerning SEA and biofuels in Colombia.

Advisory reports and other documents

24 Apr 2008: Memorandum
Comments on SEA and biofuels documents- Colombia - SPA

Significant details

Colombia's Vice Ministry of Housing, Environment and Territorial Development requested the NCEA to comment on documents on SEA and biofuels. These documents were prepared by the von Humboldt Institute.

The NCEA prepared an advice of the secretariat with general observations - due to time constraints, there was no opportunity to give more detailed comments. Overall comments were generally positive, with some recommendations:

  • The information is very complete and useful;
  • A summary of all the documentation would be a valuable addition;
  • The documents could be more specific as to which information to be gathered in the SEA process would be useful for which type of plan or decision-making process;
  • More attention could be given to the SEA process, instead of only the content.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Ineke Steinhauer

Further details

Country: Colombia

Last modified: 09 Apr 2019