313-i. Memorandum: advice and support for EIA system improvement - Pakistan

The NCEA issued a memorandum in which it analysed the EIA system of Pakistan, proposed an approach to improve the system, and offered its assistance for such activities.

Significant details

In the context of the NCEA's support to an SEA introduction programme in Pakistan, the NCEA visited the country and spoke with various officials from federal and provincial Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs). During these meetings, it appeared that the NCEA could fulfil a role in improving the EIA system of Pakistan. The NCEA issued a memorandum in which it presented the results from these discussions. Aspects discussed in the memorandum are:

  • Observations on EIA in Pakistan, including possible improvements in the positions of federal and provincial EPAs;
  • Recommendations for improvement of the EIA system, starting with a SWOT analysis of the current system;
  • An offer for the NCEA's assistance, including expertise and coaching for the proposed SWOT analysis.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Technical secretary: Reinoud Post

Further details

Country: Pakistan

Last modified: 16 Apr 2019