072-i. Advice: methane extraction and monitoring in Lake Kivu - Rwanda

The NCEA advised on methane extraction and monitoring of stratification in Lake Kivu.

Advisory reports and other documents

13 Jul 2007: Other
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Appendices Advice
19 Feb 2008: Other
Advice of the Secretariat (DRAFT)
Appendices Advice of the Secretariat (DRAFT)

Significant details

The methane and carbon dioxide contents of Lake Kivu need to be reduced in order to decrease the risk of sudden gas eruptions and related dangers. The governments of Rwanda and the DRC have chosen to reduce gas saturation of Lake Kivu’s waters in a profitable and environmentally sustainable way. There is broad agreement that monitoring is necessary on:

  • The overall stratification of the lake at large;
  • The influence of methane harvesting and methane use on lake stratification and on the environment.

The NCEA was asked to facilitate a workshop with all stakeholders, to agree on the way forward. In addition, it was asked to formulate an advice on methane extraction and monitoring of lake stratification. After a successful workshop, the NCEA and its working group provided input to the requirements and guidelines document and the carbon credits request for Lake Kivu. In addition, the NCEA prepared an advice to support the governments of both countries to embed methane extraction and monitoring of lake stratification, describing the necessary legal, regulatory and institutional setting. Two advisory documents were issued:

  • Advice on harvesting the methane resource and monitoring the stratification of Lake Kivu;
  • Monitoring strategy and monitoring action plan for Lake Kivu gas extraction.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Francois Darchambeau
Alfred Wüest

Chair: Dick de Zeeuw
Technical secretary: Reinoud Post

Proponent and Component Authority

Ministry of Infrastructure - Rwanda

Component Authority
Governments of Rwanda & the DRC
Ministry of Infrastructure - Rwanda

Further details

Country: Rwanda

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