035-i. Advice on ToR: EIAs for land reclamation - Philippines

The NCEA advised on Terms of Reference (ToR) for EIAs for land reclamation projects in the Philippines. The advice concerns both the process and the contents of EIA.

Advisory reports and other documents

27 Sep 1999: Terms of reference
Accompanying letter
Appendices Advice

Significant details

Land reclamation projects were planned in the Philippines. For these land reclamation activities, EIAs had to be undertaken. The Netherlands Embassy in the Phillipines asked the NCEA to advise on Terms of Reference (ToR) for such studies.

The NCEA issued advisory ToR containing guidelines on the EIA process and guidelines on the EIA content. The NCEA's advice discusses the following aspects:

  • Scope and aim of the guidelines;
  • Environmental impacts caused by land reclamation (distinguishing between filling, drainage and poldering);
  • Planning and managing the EIA process (including the different stages);
  • Executing the EIA study for site selection and project level and preparing the EIA report.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

Joop de Schutter
Joost Terwindt

Chair: Dick de Zeeuw
Technical secretary: Arend Kolhoff

Proponent and Component Authority

The Government of the Philippines

Component Authority
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Further details

Country: Philippines (The)

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