When ask us?


NCEA sustainability advice distinguishes itself from other knowledge support services in that it pays specific attention to the integration and interaction of the main themes of Dutch development policy. In other words, if advice is needed on the integration of multiple themes, the NCEA is the place to go

What the NCEA can do:

  1. Give written advice: using a multidisciplinary expert working group; this advice is by default published as formal NCEA advice for reasons of transparency and independence and has the highest added value.
  2. Give oral advice: either by an individual expert or by NCEA staff; this advice (e.g. as part of Q@E) is by default not published and for internal use only, in cases where publication is yet too early.
  3. Facilitate as a neutral chair/facilitator/resource person in meetings and workshops. This includes support to ministry units in ‘structuring’ complex policy issues.

What the NCEA cannot do: 

  • Produce concrete products such as climate country profiles, information leaflets, etc. 
  • Provide extra capacity for DGIS or embassy tasks or responsibilities, in situations where this capacity is lacking (e.g. attend meetings on behalf of DGIS or assign Rio markers). 

Also, the NCEA advises on sub-policy level issues in the short-to-medium-term. For the long-term, large scale policy advice, other institutes such as the PBL are better equipped.