Sustainability Advice

What is it about? 

Sustainability Advice concerns the integration of sustainability in short-to-medium-term policy development. Sustainable policies require the consideration of many policy issues, such as food security and water availability, climate and gender, aid and trade. Themes like climate change, value chains and circular economy evolve over time, and they often cut across departments. Independent expertise helps to determine accepted facts, to improve the coherence and the synergy between different policy objectives.

What we do

We provide:

  • independent, written advice with the input of one or more experts; or 

  • oral advice by staff of the NCEA, for example by participating in Q@E meetings; or

  • advice in any other format, whichever suits the request best

How we work

Our approach is always tailor-made. Typically, we establish a dedicated working group of experts. Where relevant we make use of the ‘sustainability framework’ we developed specifically for advice to DGIS and Dutch embassies.

For whom and what are the costs? 

Advice can be requested free of charge by all DGIS departments and Dutch embassies in cases where:

  • you need rapid, multi-disciplinary analysis from all angles of sustainable development;
  • you need independent and neutral strategic input in politically sensitive dossiers;
  • your request concerns nexus of multiple policy fields.

To find out if your request is eligible, please contact Stephen Teeuwen, the coordinator of the Sustainability Advice Programme.