Three specific programmes

In addition to our general advisory and capacity development activities, we run three programmes with a specific focus:

  • Shared Resources- Joint Solutions: is a Dutch-funded Strategic Partnership initiated by IUCN-NL and WWF-NL. Because the ESIA/SEA process - bringing together various stakeholders - plays an important role in implementing the multi-stakeholder landscape approach as promoted by SRJS, the NCEA was asked to join this programme.
  • Dutch 'private sector' funds:  international development resources are allocated in funds to finance public and private sector projects in developing countries. These Private Sector Development (PSD) funds are managed by the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) and by Invest International. For many projects an ESIA will be undertaken. Often, ESIA is obligatory according to the legislation of the country where the project will be implemented. But ESIA is also central to the IFC Performance Standards, which are an important benchmark for the above mentioned facilities. The NCEA gives advice to the RVO and Invest International on the scope and quality of the ESIA processes.
  • Sustainability Advice Programme: This programme, specifically designed for Dutch embassies and MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) departments aims to integrate sustainability in short-to-medium-term policy development. Making sustainable policies requires the consideration of many policy issues, such as food security and water availability, climate and gender, aid and trade.