Two specific programmes

In addition to our general advisory and capacity development activities, we run two programmes with a specific focus:


  • Dutch 'private sector' funds:  international development resources are allocated in funds to finance public and private sector projects in developing countries. These Private Sector Development (PSD) funds are managed by the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) and by Invest International. For many projects an ESIA will be undertaken. Often, ESIA is obligatory according to the legislation of the country where the project will be implemented. But ESIA is also central to the IFC Performance Standards, which are an important benchmark for the above mentioned facilities. The NCEA gives advice to the RVO and Invest International on the scope and quality of the ESIA processes.
  • Cooperation agreement with WWF Netherlands: As a follow-up of the Shared Resources Joint Solutions (SRJS) program 2016-2020, the NCEA signed a cooperation agreement with WWF Netherlands untill 2026. As a neutral facilitator and advisor, the NCEA will support WWF NL and its local partners to build dialogues between government, civil society and private sector parties in the context of decision making on sustainability challenges. This cooperation supports the Voices for Climate Action (VCA) program financed by MoFA as part of the Power of Voices strategic partnership. Countries that were involved in SRJS, in particular Suriname, Paraguay and Zambia have expressed a clear demand to continue working on ESIA and SEA. To enable the NCEA's involvement in these countries (not being MoFA focus countries), WWF NL has made a budget available for 3 years. Potential demands for NCEA support in other countries, such as Peru, and the Dutch Caribean region are currently being assessed.