Knowledge and Learning Platform 

The NCEA's Knowledge and Learning Platform (KLP) centres on knowledge sharing (including communication) and organisational learning.

  • Knowledge sharing 

    With various knowledge products - such as cases, key sheets, publications, presentations, country profiles - the NCEA likes to share information with partners and fellow professionals. Themes include effectiveness of environmental assessment, the added value of ESIA/SEA, more effective stakeholder engagement, ESIA/SEA and Climate Change. The NCEA develops these products based on own experience and in cooperation with other parties. To find out more, please visit the 'Resources' page.
  • Organisational learning

    Since the NCEA aims for high quality advisory services, coaching and capacity development activities, it constantly looks at ways to improve these services. What is effective right now and where is still room for improvement? The NCEA regularly updates its System Approach to ESIA/SEA effectiveness. This approach does not only define (the interlinkages) of an environmental system, but it also provides indicators and means of verification to track changes in the system and in the NCEA's work. It forms the basis for evaluations on outcome and impact and provides input for its theory of change.