7019-01. Capacity Development Ethiopia - Amhara

With the recent delegation of parts of the mandate on ESIA and SEA from federal to regional levels, the Ethiopian Regional States have received new tasks in the implementation of these procedures. This means that the Regional States need to set up a system and develop capacity to carry out these tasks. The Environment, Forestry, Wildlife Protection and Development Authority of the Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia (EFoWPDA) has therefore asked capacity development support from the NCEA. The cooperation is formalised in a 3-year MoU, signed in February 2018.  

Advisory reports and other documents

03 Aug 2017: Other

ESIA Training on Scoping & Needs Assessment

25 Apr 2018: Memorandum

Mission report Amhara Needs Assessment

06 Aug 2018: Memorandum

ESIA Training Mission Report Amhara July 2018

10 Apr 2019: Memorandum

Training ESIA follow-up Amhara

Significant details

The approach will be phased and will initially start as follows:

Phase 1: provide capacity strengthening support on ESIA to environmental experts within the EFoWPDA so that they are enabled to fulfil their administrative tasks in applying ESIA in Amhara. Also targeted will be environmental experts within the Amhara regional design authority, water bureau, and urban development bureau, as well as in the 10 Amhara Zones, who have similar tasks related to ESIA and SEA (in total 25 people);

Phase 2: provide awareness raising and capacity strengthening support on SEA to environmental experts within the EFoWPDA and relevant other stakeholders (to be defined), to prepare them for the future application of SEA in Amhara.

Some first technical experiences were gained before conducting a more detailed needs assessment/gap analysis in April 2018. Based on the findins of that analysis, a detailed work programme will be developed. Focus for the first year will be on organisational capacity strengthening. This may lead to NCEA follow-up activities in the region, which may include:

  1. Further capacity development for ESIA/SEA;

  2. Independent advice or coaching of individual ESIA and SEA processes;

  3. Development/revision of ESIA/SEA regulatory frameworks.

Parties involved

Technical secretary: ms G.J. van Boven

Further details

Started: 01 May 2017
Completed: Ongoing


Social Impact Assessment
Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Country/region/theme: Ethiopia

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