Tour of the Central Africa Region

4 March 2013

tour of the central africa regionJanuary – February, Central Africa region - for NCEA’s Central Africa programme, the year started with a monitoring and planning visit to the offices of the national associations for impact assessment in Burundi, Cameroon, CAR, Congo and Rwanda, as well as the SEEAC, the regional secretariat for their network, which shares offices with the association in Cameroon. The five-year support programme will wrap-up in 2013 for SEEAC and its members, which explains why focus will be on evaluating the current state of affairs of EIA in the region: how have the national EIA systems evolved in the past years, and how has the NCEA programme contributed to it? In October 2013, the partners intend to conclude the fruitful collaboration with the presentation of a joint publication at a regional closing seminar in Douala, Cameroon.