Taking stock of SEA effectiveness – Digest of Expert Views published

27 April 2024

The Sadler & Verheem 1996 report on ‘SEA – Status, Challenges and Future Directions’ documented the state of affairs at an early stage. To mark the 25th anniversary of the report, a process was initiated to review the development of SEA theory and practice, and to identify the changes that have occurred since then. This reflection on SEA progress and effectiveness is intended to contribute to a discussion among the SEA community.

A paper - published in IAPA in 2022 - was the kick-off for a three step process that includes:
1. a survey of a group of internationally recognised SEA experts to seek their views on the trends and issues discussed,
2. opportunities for further debate during a session at IAIA 2023 and
3. an online questionnaire to all IAIA members in the beginning of 2024

All of these views have been gathered in a Digest of expert views that is now available on the IAIA website. The results will be used as a starting point to form an IAIA SEA agenda for action, to be discussed at a Theme Forum at IAIA24.