Announcement: SEA GuideIines for Renewable Energy

28 January 2022

Climate change is a major driver towards today’s energy transition away from fossil fuels. Recognising the necessary shift required towards the use of more renewable energy, IAIA is launching a multi-phase project to:

  • Develop guidance for the application of SEA to policies, plans and programmes for renewable energy development - focusing, for now, on the hydropower, solar, wind and bioenergy sub-sectors; 
  • Establish a learning platform to share experiences with a broad group of stakeholders through the use of the guidelines and other platforms;
  • Support application of the guidelines in selected countries to strengthen capacity and raise awareness (with training and coaching of stakeholders), to implement an outreach plan, and to gather experience - supporting up to 20 SEA case applications (five for each sub-sector) of the guidelines; and,
  • Launch a help desk team of experienced experts in the field of SEA and energy planning facilitated by respective practice organisations in this field.

For this initiative to succeed, IAIA is looking for: 

  1. actors and organisations across the (renewable) energy sector that make reference to SEA as a planning tool (e.g. on websites, case studies or in documents);
  2. existing SEA guidelines (e.g. national, organisational) – we need url addresses or electronic copies of SEA guideline documents).
  3. IAIA members who have a strong interest in this project, are in a position to provide information and be kept regularly updated.

Contacts: Barry Dalal-Clayton (bdalalclay and Miles Scott-Brown (miles