Review ESIA Mandalay Pyigyitagon Water Supply Project

18 March 2019

The Pyigyitagon township in Mandalay, Myanmar currently has 250.000 inhabitants. The Mandalay City Development Council is proposing a Water Supply Project to sustainably and continuously provide potable water according to WHO and Myanmar standards. In total about 125,000 people, businesses and industries will benefit from the project.

As part of the Dutch 'private sector developmentt' programme, the NCEA has reviewed the ESIA. In order to start with this project, we recommend that additional assessment work should be undertaken to address the following important shortcomings:
• Health effects due to absence of wastewater treatment;
• Sustainable water supply system;
• Compensation of farmers;
• Access to water by non-registered settlers.

The full advice can be read and downloaded from the projectpage