Quality review: shortcomings in EIA report access canal in Colombia

29 March 2013

quality review colombiaThe NCEA, requested by Colombian Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, performed an independent review of the EIA report of a new access canal in the Bay of Cartagena. The existing entrance canal has reached its maximum limits and depths. The dredged materials will be deposited in two sites at sea and will partly be used for replenishment of beaches as well. The NCEA noted some essential shortcomings and recommends additional information before decision-making on license granting can take place.
These gaps in information are related to:

  • the justification for the project
  • sediment quality
  • coral reefs, mangroves and sea grass beds
  • modeling of erosion/sedimentation, waves and currents and salinity
  • presentation of base line information and impact assessment
  • monitoring
  • stakeholder involvement.