NCEA's annual report 2016 online!

10 July 2017

NCEA's annual report 2016 is now online. In a website format, facts and figures are presented and background information is provided on a variety of topics and themes. For example, concerning our work in the Netherlands, we shortly introduce the topic of pilot projects in which we explore how environmental assessment offers optimal support for choices in environmental planning strategies. We also look at the link between environmental assessment and participation and explore how environmental assessment assists the transition to sustainable energy.
In our international work, our support to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is highligthed. With RVO we cooperate to achieve good-quality environmental assessment reports for Dutch investments in low and middle income countries. Furthermore we pay attention to a publication on environmental assessment and climate change, comprising case studies from around the world. And we discuss how SEA might be helpful in accommodating contradicting issues concerning safeguarding water.