Just published: SEA for Sustainable Development of the Hydropower Sector

19 May 2021

We are happy to announce the publication of Strategic Environmental Assessment for Sustainable Development of the Hydropower Sector
Five Influential Cases - India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Rwanda, Viet Nam
Ed. Arend Kolhoff (NCEA), R. Slootweg (SevS)

Finally a publication (100 pages) - substantiated with 5 cases - on how to work towards a more sustainable hydropower sector. By using SEA as a strategic decision support tool, negative impacts in relation to building and exploiting hydropower dams can be mitigated. Starting early in the process at a strategic level, environmental and social considerations - using (academic) information, data and stakeholder participation - are integrated in (energy)plans and programmes. This ensures mitigation of negative impacts but also simplifies the ESIA's for individual dams for example. 

The publication includes:

  • separate summaries for decision-makers and dam owners
  • list of all SEA's carried out for hydropower developments
  • list of SEA's carried out for multi sector plans and policies
  • overview and relation between current decision support tools in addition to SEA