Infographic SEA process

27 March 2019

A visual can sometimes say more than a 1000 words, so we have developed an infographic of what a typical good SEA process would look like in practice. We intend to use it in our training. But anyone is free to use it if felt useful. Please contact us for more information.

Most important messages in the infographic are: 

  • Link the SEA effectively to the planning process.
  • Organise continuous exchange between decision-making and information gathering. 
  • Same for the continuous interaction between the different 'groups' involved in the process - such as decision makers, initiators, stakeholders, consultants. 
  • Data gathering is not a goal in itself, but serves assessing impact and developing alternatives. 
  • Mobilize influencers to translate and communicate SEA findings to planners and politicians. 
  • Involve stakeholders in monitoring and evaluation. 

We developed a 6 slide presentation, whereby layers are built up one by one. Every slide, adding a new group in the process.