IAIA conference 2023 – action points and session reports

25 May 2023

Delegates from NCEA attended the IAIA 2023 conference in Kuching, Malaysia. The theme of this year's conference was Resilience through impact assessment and leadership. Deep sea mining was high on the agenda, as was environmental compliance and enforcement and the further development of SEA Guidelines to support energy transition. About 20-25 people attended the round table session of the climate change section. Fifty people took part in the NCEA led workshop on the lessons that we can learn from the last 25 years of SEA experience. This will lead to the presentation of a road map for SEA Development at IAIA24 in Dublin. And of course it was good to meet our IAIA friends from around the world. Several action items were written down in which the various members of IAIA will work together. The various session reports can be found here