NCEA at IAIA 23 Conference - Malaysia

25 April 2023

We are looking forward to participate in the IAIA23 annual conference in Kuching, to hear and share new insights on impact assessment in practice. We will contribute to the following sessions and hope to meet many old and new friends during the week. 

  • SEA Effectiveness: 25 years later.....
    Tuesday 9 May | 11:00-12:30 | Rob Verheem
    The 1996 SEA Effectiveness Study provides a convenient milestone against which to benchmark progress on the field. We will explore in an interactive way how SEA effectiveness has improved since then, where it still falls short, and what the key steps are to now move forward ahead.
  • Roundtable on impact assessment and climate change
    Thursday 11 May | 11:00-12:30 | Chair(s): Arend Kolhoff, Wes Fisher
    The Climate Change Section has prepared an action plan with on-going and new activities. The plan will be presented. The participants will be asked to identify and advocate for new activities aiming to further incorporate climate change in impact assessment.