Track record

For more than 25 years, the NCEA provides advisory services and capacity development for environmental and social assessment. This happens both on a project level (ESIA) as on strategic and policy level (SEA).

Well-functioning ESIA and SEA-systems will lead to ..more public participation/ inclusion/ transparency/ better governance/ more sustainable decisions.

We have a strong international track record, with experience in # countries.

In the past 10 years, we worked on: 

# advisory reports 

# countries 

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Two examples of our work: 


The NCEA has been working in Mozambique with the authorities for over 15 years. Some of the results that were achieved:

1) Improved water and land-use planning in the Lower Zambezi Valley.

The Lower Zambezi Valley, with abundant mineral resources, fertile soils, good potential for irrigated agriculture and opportunities for hydropower, is subject to increasing development pressures. Responding to emerging conflicts between coal development and agriculture, a spatial territorial plan for the region was requested. A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is the ideal tool for this. As there was little to no experience in using SEA for such a process, the NCEA was involved from an early stage.

The NCEA provided independent advice and extensive coaching. Without the NCEA’s involvement an SEA probably would not have taken place. There is also now a clear institutional anchor, the Zambezi Valley Development Agency.