7260. Cruise Ship Terminal - Cape Verde - ORIO

This concerns a project under development under the ORIO facility. The project (ORIO11/CV/21) aims to develop a dedicated Cruise Ship Terminal and Auxiliary Facilities at Port Grande in Cape Verde.

Significant details

An ESIA has been undertaken for this project, and the NCEA has reviewed this report, as well as follow-up documents. It entails a comparison of the results of EIA review of Mindelo Cruise Terminal by Cape Verde National Directorate of Environment (dd. 5 June 2017) against the NCEA Quick Scan (Review) of the draft ESIA for the ‘Maintain and develop Cape Verde as an attractive cruise destination’ project (September 2015, and updated in December 2016

Parties involved

Technical secretary: ms B. Schijf

Further details

Started: 27 Feb 2018
Completed: Ongoing


Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Country/region/theme: Cape Verde

Last modified: 09 Apr 2019