South Africa

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South Africa


Webpages | 12 Oct 2018


Publications by the NCEA on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Case studies, key sheets, advisory…

Webpages | 08 Sep 2014

Risk profiles

  Combined CC and DRR profiles DRR profiles CC Risk profiles Partner countries WB -…

Webpages | 04 Apr 2016

Advice on best practice ESIA for port development

The NCEA issued an advice that identifies measures to enhance the quality of ESIAs for Dutch port development in emerging and developing countries.…

Webpages | 24 Sep 2018

Interview Prof. dr. Rudy Rabbinge

Prof. dr. Rudy Rabbinge, outgoing vice-chair of the NCEA ‘Independent evaluation is important in a time where pronouncements are often judged…