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Nr Project title
049-i Advice on ToR and review: SEA for poverty reduction strategy - Ghana
042-i Advisory review: EIA for Ankobra petrochemical plant - Ghana
054-i Advisory review: EIA for West African gas pipeline - Ghana
303-i Comments: draft permit for West African Gas Pipeline - Ghana
309-i Memorandum: advice on proposal for EIA/SEA capacity building - Ghana
355-i Comments: EIA report for oil/gas development Jubilee - Ghana
366-i Advice: approach for SEA for oil/gas sector - Ghana
374-i Advice: SEA approach for mining sector - Ghana
386-i Comments: draft SEA reports for oil and gas sector - Ghana
407-i Appraisal of EIA requirements for Ghana Wash Window 2013 (first call) - Ghana
413-i Appraisal of EIA Requirements for Ghana Wash Window 2014, Second Call
426-i Quick Scan EIA review of the Lafa and Onyasia (Accra) Drainage Project
7181 SEA Voltaian Basin - Ghana
7186 Review scoping report coal fired power plant - Ghana
428-i Appraisal of EIA requirements for Ghana Wash Window 2015 (third call)- Ghana
7251 Review 2D seismic Keta Delta block - Ghana

Capacity development

Nr Project title
719-i Ghana Capacity Development