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Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

Tour of the Central Africa Region

January – February, Central Africa region - for NCEA’s Central Africa programme, the year started with a monitoring and planning visit to…

Webpages | 17 Feb 2014

New MoU with Central African Regional EIA association

The NCEA and the Secretariat for Environmental Evaluation in Central Africa (SEEAC) signed a MoU for support and cooperation for the period…

Webpages | 01 Jul 2014

L’examen de l’EIE – est-il efficace au Cameroun et l’Ouganda ?

L’examen de l’EIE – est-il efficace au Cameroun et l’Ouganda ?

Webpages | 16 Jul 2014

How effective is EIA in Cameroon and Uganda?

The Environmental Impact Assessment Enhancement project in Uganda and Cameroon started this month with a consultative workshop.

Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

Learning-by-doing: EIA review in Cameroon and Uganda

Following up on a previous workshop in Uganda, Cameroonian and Ugandan EIA experts re-examined in a two day workshop eight EIA reports for oil/gas…

Webpages | 01 Oct 2014

L’apprentissage par la pratique : Examen d'EIE au Cameroun et en Ouganda

Suite à un précédent atelier en Ouganda, les experts camerounais et ougandais d'EIE ont réexaminé, lors d'un…

Webpages | 14 Jul 2015

First annual meeting of EIA associations in Central Africa

It’s been a year! Since the closure of a capacity building programme with the NCEA, national EIA associations in Central Africa…

Webpages | 21 Jun 2018

Independent review impact assessments in Central Africa

Cameroon, 24-28 April. In collaboration with its partner SEEAC, the NCEA will support COMIFAC - the union of ministers for the forestry and / or…

Webpages | 20 Nov 2018

Seminar ESIA for infrastucture, Central Africa

Congo-Brazzaville, 13-16 Nov. 2018 - Participants from Congo, Cameroon, DRC and CAR discussed enthusiastically possibilities, cases and lessons…